Tristian wants to be just like Spencer Larsen, his favorite football player!

Our unofficial tracking of Spencer Larsen's Player Satistics

Tristian was thrilled to finally meet his football hero at the Spring game April 14, 2007!

WELCOME! FROM TRISTIAN  I've been watching Arizona Wildcat Football since we moved here when I was one. Football is my favorite sport and I've been able to throw a football that's my size really well since I was only two. I love to watch Spencer Larsen play the best. He's a hard worker and plays amazingly! Plus I want to grow up to be just like him, except I think I'll play quarter back. My parents both went to BYU and want me to go there, but I want to serve a mission and then play football for the University of Arizona just like Spencer Larsen did. Maybe Mike Stoops will still be the coach when I play. I'm only 8 years old now.

ON THE 2007 SEASON  Arizona's going to beat BYU again! Arizona can win all their games this year and I'll be cheering them on at their games.

DEAR SPENCER LARSEN  If you are reading this page, thank you for being so nice to me at the Spring game and signing my football. I hope you have a great football season and I can't wait to watch you play... especially against BYU and ASU. You can email me at tristian@schulzke.org.

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   Other Pictures from the 2007 Spring Game

With Jim Mason, QB for the University of Arizona in the '62 and '63 seasons (if I remember right) under coach Jim LaRue in the WAC (which looked much different back then).